About Granary Herbs

Granary Herbs first came into being in 1991 with the primary aim of providing high quality herbal tinctures for use by professionally qualified Medical Herbalists. The business was founded and run by Christine Brown who, like her fellow Austrian Maria Treben, has a deep knowledge and understanding of her craft, which is readily apparent to other professionals in the field. Granary Herbs’s gardens and laboratories are based in Kent, United Kingdom.

In 2023, Christine retired, reluctantly, I may add. Milena Moore, medical herbalist, took over Granary Herbs and continues to make Christine’s high quality medicines in the same manner. Her aim is to keep Christine’s legacy alive. After many customers contacted her during the transition, stating how the remedies are an invaluable part of their life.

Milena runs a clinic and herbal dispensary in Faversham, Apotheca. She grows herbs without any chemicals and wild harvests where the ground hasn’t been altered, sometimes sourcing organic herbs where required.

She was unable to start making some of the creams until the plants blossomed this spring and summer. This process can now start and you can call or email us to reserve a pot of cream.



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For additional information or for trade enquiries, please email us or call us on 01795 227 423